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'G-wiz Mobile Apps by AE'G-wiz

iOS applications developed for Apple® mobile devices

For mobile apps, I am a big proponent of simple, appealing design that really communicates on an intuitive level. On small devices the marriage between graphics and data, interactivity and function, becomes not just vital - but inescapable. With limited screen space, it's paramount to design apps that focus on what is essential and pleasant. And whether it is my own apps - designed and programmed with no preferences but my own to appease - or client apps, the process of collaboration and quality remains a steadfast commitment.

Applications currently available...

2doBYday Logo

2do BY day

A simple task list displaying to-do items by day. Add tasks to particular days on the calendar and then focus on just those that are most immediate on a daily basis.

Minimize the strategizing required to create your task list, and maximize the results.


BarTab Keepr

BarTab Keepr

BarTab Keepr is designed to help you keep track of your bar tab while you are out. Set location alerts to remind you to close out your tab before you leave and/or select between different calculation modes to keep a running estimate on your total.


Need some help or tutorials on how to use your iPhone?

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